Leach Airport

Tips for Landing at Leach

Every time you land at leach, ask yourself:

Q: Are you aware of Obstacles?

A: Leach has high powerlines on each end of runway.  And irrigation equipment on each side of runway.

Q: What's my density altitude?

A: Summer heat and field elevation can sometimes make density altitude above 10,000ft.

Q: What's my cross wind?

A: runway 30/12 almost always as a SW wind from 210

Terminal Amenities

Airport has shaded picnic tables outside.  A terminal with restrooms and a kitchen and a comfy couch for a nap between legs.

About Kenny Leach

Since 1958, Ken's flight service has been in Center, Colorado, where he was a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). He offered instruction, charter service, air ambulance, aerial funeral coach, aerial application and airport operation He was active in San Luis Valley Aviation and community activities and is, today, remembered for many of these unselfish actions. Ken was the flight instructor for over 500 people, and a "tough but fair" FAA examiner.
Ken has held many ratings for pilots including CFI, CFI 11, FAA Examiner, and he has amassed over 25,000 flying hours.


“Leach was a great place to stop.  I literally had the whole place to my self.  A new fuel farm and a quite terminal was perfect for my stop between legs.”

-Cirrus Pilot


 Welcome To Leach Airport, Center Colorado

Advantages  of Leach Airport

Leach airport is a very sleepy airport.  Located in the heart of the San Luis Valley.  Less than 5 aircraft based here.  Nice quiet place to stop for a break.

Leach, Ken 175-176

Danny Sanderson

In 1988 Dan Sanderson purchased the airport from Kenny Leach.  He started an aerial applicators  business called Alpine Ag.